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Cinderella Box Office Continues to Soar


Disney’s live action remake Cinderella continues its box office success this weekend with $17.5 million earning it a strong fifth place at the box office. The film has now brought in $150 million domestically. Throw in a number one $38.7 million showing internationally, and the movie has now surpassed $336 million overall.

This weekend also moved Cinderella into the 3rd spot for all movies released in 2015 behind Spongebob and Fifty Shades of Grey. Not exactly a ritzy neighborhood, but it’s all we’ve got this year.

I predict we will see many more of these live-action remakes. Disney already has The Jungle Book, Dumbo, and Beauty and the Beast lined up.

Let me suggest one more that may seem odd. It’s my least favorite of any Disney animated film (although Home on the Range gives it a run for its money), but The Black Cauldron might fit the bill. “The Chronicles of Prydain” novels by Lloyd Alexander could potentially be the next Lord of the Rings.

Yes, I know Disney tried this once with The Chronicles of Narnia. The might be feeling a little burned after that effort. Plus Disney has pretty much buried The Black Cauldron deep in the vault. But there are those who say Disney really didn’t do the novels justice with the movie. If they still have the rights, it would be worth another crack. With today’s special effects and an audience primed for great epics by the Lord of the Rings movies and Harry Potter, it could work.

What Disney animated movies would you choose for a live-action remake?

1 thought on “Cinderella Box Office Continues to Soar”

  1. I’d love to see THE BLACK CAULDRON made into a live action, although it’s in my top 5 animated. I know it’s such an underdog of a film, but I love the novels and the characters and I think some of the most breathtaking animation is found shattered throughout, including when Hen Wen is attacked by dragons and the two scenes following. I will keep hoping. I never thought I’d see HUNCHBACK on stage in the US, and here we are. I will keep a little hope that this may actually happen one day.

    I’d like to give a little shout out for HOME ON THE RANGE too. It is also in my bottom ten- what a mess, but it does have a great soundtrack, thanks to Alan Menkin. “Little Patch of Heaven” is charming and “Will the Sun Ever Shine Again” is one of his best. Hence, it still beats out BOLT and especially CHICKEN LITTLE in my book.

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