“Big Hero 6” passes $600 million milestone at box office, what’s next?


A strong performance after opening in China, its final major international country, has pushed the box office total for Disney’s “Big Hero 6” across the $600 million market. This puts it in some fairly rare air for a Disney film. It’s Disney’s fourth film released in 2014 to reach that mark (joining “Maleficent,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”) and the 22nd highest grossing film ever.

It has surpassed “Tangled” to land at the third-highest grossing Disney animated release of all-time. It’s not finished either as “Big Hero 6” is still playing in 25+ markets around the world. But there’s not even a slim chance it will catch either Frozen ($1.27B) or The Lion King ($987M).

So the question now becomes, what should Disney do with the franchise? A Big Hero 6 sequel? A DisneyXD animated series? Does it deserve a theme park attraction? What would you do if you were in charge?

4 thoughts on ““Big Hero 6” passes $600 million milestone at box office, what’s next?”

  1. Its own ride would be awesome in Hollywood Studios heck they can bring the Guardians to have their little Marvel section

  2. So torn on the future of this franchise. Watched the movie for the first time with my daughter this weekend, and I admit, was a bit disappointed. It was good, but didn’t feel as great as what I’d been hearing or considering the amazing box office rake.

    *Sequel? Sure, why not?
    The ending set up one brilliantly Perhaps this can be for Disney Animation what Cars is for Pixar. It’s just a fun story, doesn’t take itself too seriously, aaaaand if it’s ultimately a moneymaker and the people will come, then sure, make some more, heck may 2 more AND a Baymax spinoff(that was a bad “Planes” joke). Even so, if we’re talking Disney superhero team sequels, I’d like an Incredibles 2 first thank you. ;)

    **A DisneyXD animated series? Maybe, but only if you aren’t doing film sequels.
    I think the Train your Dragon Nick show ultimately hurt the the box offices of the sequels. Still, I’d certainly watch a Hero series with my daughter tho.

    ***Does it deserve a theme park attraction? Hmmmm, I’d say no.
    Hero 6 getting space in the valuable park space before Star Wars, Marvel, Spiderman, etc, just doesn’t seem right.

    I do think the characters should be promoted in the parks, if not for how funny and lovable they are, then for the cultural diversity they bring to the Disney canon.

  3. The characters in the movie were specially made by Man of Action, which brought us shows like Ben 10 and Generator Rex, so I could totally picture a TV series on DisneyXD that would look similar to the aforementioned shows. To quote Hiro, “The good thing is my brother wanted to help a lot of people, and that’s what we’re gonna do.” Get a TV series, get the episodes. Get the episodes, get a lot of stories of Big Hero 6 helping a lot of people.

  4. Oswald_Incredible

    Definitely a television show. What’s the point of an origin story if there’s never any more to the story? WDAS doesn’t do sequel films and I don’t want it to. TV characters are exactly what the cast of BH6 should be. That’s all I could think about when watching the film, my Saturday mornings filled with cartoons.

    There’s a lot going on the parks right now so I doubt BH6 will get to make a presence… UNLESS. Official Oswald_Incredible idea: They FINALLY redo the Journey into Imagination as an exploration of the “Nerd Lab” and heck, keep Figment in it. I feel like the Parks should take more liberties with Disney property-crossovers.

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