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Disney’s Cinderella – How Cinderella got her name


Disney has to walk a fine line in the promotion of its next movie — Cinderella. On one hand everyone knows the story of Cinderella, on the other, you have to potential audience members excited about seeing this version of the film. One of the things we don’t see in the original animated classic is how Cinderella got her name.

When this movie starts her name is just Ella, but in the classic, she’s Cinderella the whole movie through. Keep it simpler for the kiddies, I suppose. She does earn the name Cinderella in the new movie though, and here’s the scene where it happens:

Oh my. The wicked stepmother is truly evil and those stepsisters aren’t that nice either.

See the full movie beginning March 13.

1 thought on “Disney’s Cinderella – How Cinderella got her name”

  1. I loved the movie! The only thing that struck me as wrong was when Cinderella was finally able to tell the prince her name – and she told him Cinderella. I think it would have been better to introduce herself as Ella. That is the name her beloved parents gave her, not her joke of a step-family. Her true identity is the strong and kind Ella, and I was disappointed that instead of laying claim to that, she legitimized the name given to her as an insult.

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