Very exciting, possibly upsetting, news for all Pixar fans. In a recent interview with Randy Newman, the man behind Pixar songs such as “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, he may have hinted at an upcoming Pixar musical.

The film in question is the untitled Dia De Los Muertos from Lee Unkrich. The comment came about when Randy talked about his relationship with the studio. It seems the relationship has become naturally strained since he has not been tapped for many other projects. It gets interesting when he plainly states that he hasn’t been approached by Lee Unkrich who “…is doing a musical now”.

This could mean very different things. However, it does seem that we could be getting our first Pixar musical. This is a pretty big deal since Pixar has openly stated that they set out to not follow the Disney formula. That meant no princess stories or musicals. That hasn’t stopped them from creating a few original songs throughout the years. Not too mention Brave was very much a princess story, albeit a non-traditional one.

With Pixar’s track record, I’m not too worried about the quality. What do you think? Excited that Pixar is exploring other genres and styles or should they stick to what they know?


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