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Thai Pork Sandwich – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Food Review


The pathway between Asia and Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is often just a way to get from one land to the next, but those who pass-by the small food booths that line the walk-way are missing out on some of the best food options in the park.

While Mr. Kamal’s typically serves just vegetarian food, Bradley Falls has been experimenting with some Thai flavored options. I recently had the pleasure of sampling two dishes from the second booth and have had the Thai noodles and Edamame beans previously.

Both the edamame and noodles are good portions for the price and I particularly enjoy snacking on the edamame as I walk around the park. I do recommend asking for a second tray or small cup for disposal of the empty pods.

Last week, I ordered a Vegetarian Thai Soup with Dumplings. The soup was not spicy, but did incorporate many of the flavors you’d expect in a Thai soup. There were a small amount of vegetables (scallions, mushrooms, and pea pods) and a single dumpling, but it was a good portion for the price.


My only complaint was how it was served. The soup was heated in a microwave prior to serving to the point of scalding. Since it was served in a small paper bowl with no tray, there was no way to avoid the heat and when I spilled a small portion on my hand, it left it red and tender to the touch. This could have been fixed by serving in a small paper tray, which I suggested later at guest relations. I wanted to see if they’d resolved the problem on this visit but instead, when I returned over this weekend, the soup was off the menu and a new sandwich added.


The Thai pork sandwich was served with Asian cucumber slaw perched atop a sizable portion of meat and a side bag of Lays potato chips. The pork had a wonderful Thai taste and the Asian slaw added some delightful crunch and flavor. Sadly, there was a bit too much grease in the meat that ran down and made the bun somewhat slimy. The bun was also a bit dry and holding down the sandwich from truly becoming one of my favorite options at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.



Sadly these booths are not always open. The Bradley Falls only opens on peak days. But when it is open, I recommend checking out it’s culinary options. Have you ever tried an item from either of these booths? What was your reaction?