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Disneyland Resort visit is common thread in nine measles cases


If you’ve visited Disneyland recently, the California Department of Public Health has some important news for you. They are investigating nine measles cases where the common tie between the patients is a recent visit to the Disneyland Resort.

The cases are linked to visits made between December 15-20, 2014 and the number could possibly increase as many visitors might not develop symptoms until they had already traveled home.

According to health officials, it’s likely the disease was originally carried by one person with measles who visited the parks during that time period.

“If you have symptoms, and believe you may have been exposed, please contact your healthcare provider,” Ron Chapman of the state health department said in a statement. “The best way to prevent measles and its spread is to get vaccinated.”

A Disney spokesperson says they are working with the health department to provide any information and assistance they can.

Measles can easily be prevented with a vaccine administered when you are young. Once you contract measles you are infectious for around nine days and originally manifests itself with symptoms similar to an allergy or cold. It is highly infectious and airborne with a sneeze or cough.

The good news, is unless there is another infected patient who visits Disneyland, it’s probably safe to visit without fear of infection. Will this outbreak affect your decision to visit the resort in the near future?

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