Baymax vs. Snowball


It’s the holiday season and you may be dreaming of a white Christmas. Disney just released a fun video of Hiro and Baymax having a little fun in the snow.

That’s pretty much how it would go down if you tried to throw a snowball at Baymax.

Just a friendly reminder that Big Hero 6 is still in theaters and it makes a perfect evening for your family. While not the runaway hit that Frozen was, it has earned $178 million at the domestic box office and an additional $63 million internationally. While that does place Big Hero 6 in the top 15 films of the year, I have to think Disney hoped for a bit more after last year’s breakout success.

Have you seen Big Hero 6 yet? If not, why not?

1 thought on “Baymax vs. Snowball”

  1. Umm no they didn’t. They were hoping it did really well on its opening weekend against Interstellar and they crushed it by 10 million. Also they are much smarter than they were back in the renaissance. You can’t chase a “phenomenon”

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