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EPCOT 2014 Holidays Around the World preview


EPCOT’s 2014 holidays around the world celebration doesn’t officially kick off for a few more days. I’m looking forward to trying the new food items and the return of many of my old favorites, such as the Voices of Liberty singing Christmas carols in the America Pavilion.

The good news was that many of the decorations are already installed. We dashed into the park yesterday for a quick look around.

Of course, it’s also fun to find your favorite Disney characters with their winter outfits on. Here Michelle Snow interviews Daisy Duck who is excited about the season.

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1 thought on “EPCOT 2014 Holidays Around the World preview”

  1. Woohoo. Going to be there next week. Monday thru Thursday. Been to DW many many MANY times, but amazingly have never been there for Epcot’s holidays. The family plans on doing it for the first time, as well as the Osbourne lights at HS(also for the first time).

    Any tips/tricks for the Epcot holidays would be mucho appreciated. Is it better to experience it all in the morning, afternoon, or night? What date does it actually start? Anything an Epcot holidays first-timer MUST know before going?

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