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Disney in Japanese Art Styles


In anticipation for Big Hero 6, opening in a theater near you today. The folks over at Oh My Disney created some fantastic redesigns of both new and classic Disney characters in Japanese art styles.

Ever wondered what Winnie the Ariel or Dumbo would look like if they were created in Japan?


How about Baymax in the Manga style?


A very cool way to highlight the diversity in Big Hero 6. From the city of San Fransokyo to the starring characters, Disney is definitely not shying away from stepping outside of their normal conventions. I personally can attest that I am looking forward to seeing Hiro and Baymax on the big screen this weekend. What about you?

1 thought on “Disney in Japanese Art Styles”

  1. hey peter! just wanted to let you know of the error in this article. it states, ‘…winnie the ariel or dumbo would look…’. (:

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