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“How To Get Away With Murder” Review

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It’s premiere week, so I’m here to give you “speedy reviews” of all the new ABC shows premiering this week. Next up, How To Get Away With Murder.

Starring: Viola Davis, Katie Findlay, Mayy McGorry, Liza Weil

Plot: Viola plays an incredibly powerful law professor who takes her students under her wing, and takes them on one hell of a ride. While being taught the ways of her land, her students end up in their own mess…that involves a dead body…

My Thoughts: Can you say Shonda Rhimes + Viola Davis = ratings juggernaut. Truly, this show had one of the best drama pilots I’ve ever seen. It was a better pilot than Scandal, and y’all know how THAT turned out. It is incredibly fast paced, but easy to comprehend. The acting is so fantastic, especially Viola. The time covered in the show is also done in a really fun way that makes you grab on and never let go. Let’s just admit it now, Shonda Rhimes has taken over the world, and we are all as a society okay with it.

Overall: 5 Viola Davis side eyes out of 5

How To Get Away With Murder premieres tonight at 10 pm (after Scandal) on ABC.

Will you be watching?

2 thoughts on ““How To Get Away With Murder” Review”

  1. As long as the show doesn’t get whiny, it should be good. Grey’s Anatomy just got so whiny that I had to stop watching after about the fourth season. Scandal has, thus far, not gotten too whiny, although Olivia Pope does have a tendency to go there from time to time.

    Just PLEASE stop writing dialogue for the characters that reads as if every. word. has. a. period. after. it. Scandal is terribly guilty of this. Educated people do not speak this way.

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Very intriguing show that grabs your attention immediately. More captivating than “Scandal” or “Grey’s Anatomy” — right out of the box. This show is a winner and deserves all stars. It is sure to soar to the top. Viola Davis was no less than brilliant! Love her. I am a fan after one watch. “How To Get Away with Murder” is fascinating. Shonda Rhymes deserve a Standing Ovation. Awesome! I

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