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Shopping Find: C-3PO Star Wars Mickey Mouse Ears

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Disney make a wide variety of different styles for its Mickey Mouse Ears. The Mickey Ear hat is one of the classic collectibles and it’s also among the most affordable. In 2013 Disney went Couture with the Mickey Ear Collection. They’ve even added a line of Ear Hat holiday ornaments that honors the traditional shape.

My latest fun shopping find is a set of golden C-3PO Star Wars Mickey Mouse Ears.


I found these in the kid’s wear area of the World of Disney in Downtown Disney. You can wear these and your partner can wear the R2D2 ears that came out last year, and you’re set.

Side note: Marvel fans will find Spider-man and Iron Man Marvel Mickey Mouse Ears in D-Street in Downtown Disney.

Do you have a favorite set of Mickey Ears in your collection? How do you display them?