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Disney/Pixar and Doctor Who Crossover Tees on Tee Fury today


I’m very excited for today’s new Tee Fury t-shirts from artist Karen Hallion. They’re more from her excellent series of Doctor Who and Disney cross-over Tees. You can take home one of the few Paperman fan designs I’ve ever seen or take a trip ‘Up’ to Paradise Falls with Ellie and Carl, as the Doctor. Either shirt is full of awesome. Don’t you agree?

Sadly, they’re only available on Tee Fury today. But the good news is, your order will help support The Disney Blog and one of the best fan artists out there.

Doctor Who fans should note, there’s also a special design by artist Drew Wise that’s available all week. A portion of the proceeds will go to support Doctors Without Borders.

I know I have my favorite of these designs, which of these two will you be ordering? or will you get both?

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