Disney’s Next Big Film: Khoobsurat


I new that Disney had invested in the Indian film and tv company UTV, I thought for their animated film division. I had no idea they were making Disney branded Bollywood films there. And yet, later this summer Disney’s “Khoobsurat” starting Sonam Kapoor, Fawad Khan will be released overseas. Nothing I could find on a domestic release.

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Khoobsurat, which in english means “Beautiful,” is a quirky, modern romantic comedy about what happens when a vibrant, hopelessly romantic physiotherapist meets a handsome young Rajput prince who is the complete opposite of her – and is engaged to someone else. It is a battle of values between two individually crazy families — one that encourages discipline and self-restraint versus the other, which is all for spontaneity and open- mindedness.

Like all great Bollywood films, there will be show stopping musical numbers and lots of romance.

4 thoughts on “Disney’s Next Big Film: Khoobsurat”

  1. Disney fully owns UTV India which means that technically every UTV film released is a Disney film and has been since 2011. Family oriented films can now be given the Disney brand. Aside from Khoobsurat. Other Disney branded films coming from UTV in the next 12 months include Jagga Jasoos, Peekay and ABCD2 (Any Body Can Dance 2)
    Prior to the UTV acquisition Disney produced a lot more than Roadside Romeo in Bollywood…titles included Zokkoman, Aganaga O Dheerudu, Do Dooni Chaar..When the Disney purchase of UTV was complete the animated tale from the Mahabharata- “ARJUN” was released under the Disney banner, and was rather stunning I thought.
    Out of all the locally branded Disney movies the best so far is the simplest a mild comedy called “Do Dooni Chaar” –

  2. Definitely wasn’t for their animated division. Arjun is one of the few animated titles from UTV. Their animation division at UTV is relatively nonexistent, but I wouldn’t put it past Disney to build out a UTV Animation studio in India.

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