A Day At Tokyo Disneyland Time-Lapse Tilt-Shift Video


I love a good time-lapse video. Add in the fun factor of tilt-shift perspective and you have a unique must-see video. Here’s a short look at one complete day at Tokyo Disneyland through that very lens:

For someone whose familiar with Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Tokyo’s first park has a very looking glass quality. I hope to make it there one day soon, how about you?

Photo credit: public domain.

3 thoughts on “A Day At Tokyo Disneyland Time-Lapse Tilt-Shift Video”

  1. I’ve been there more than 20 years ago and I was impressed by the maintenance. It was the cleanest theme park I’ve ever saw. Seems it is still the case today.

  2. Tokyo Disneyland is fantastic, but Tokyo Disney Sea is our favorite Disney park, in fact our favorite theme park anywhere. The attention to detail and its UNIQUE character are simply spectacular. =)

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