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Girl Meets World: Premiere Review


After a year of fanfare and anticipation, Disney Channel finally premiered Girl Meets World last night, the sequel show to the beloved Boy Meets World from ABC. Cory and Topanga are now all grown up, are living in NYC, and have two kids, with their daughter Riley being the titular Girl, played by the fantastic Rowan Blanchard.

The pilot had Riley discovering herself after she begins to idolize her friend, Maya, played by Sabrina Carpenter, begins a “Down With Homework” boycott in their school…in Mr. Cory Matthews’ classroom, no less.

There were some clear take aways from the episode, however. Danielle Fishel’s small part was the funniest line of the show, so why wasn’t she featured more?! I’m hoping to see more from her in the future. Rowan Blanchard is a fantastic addition to the Disney Channel lexicon, truly. Funny, adorable and has a beautiful voice (the theme song, “Take On The World” may be the best Disney Channel theme song since “Best of Both Worlds.”)

Maya, at one point, reveals how there is no one at home to help her with homework, but the conversation ends abruptly, so I am hoping that is discussed more in depth later in the season. Also, Jackée Harry, of all people, made a guest appearance as a subway rider and KILLED it. She was hilarious with every line and it made me miss Sister, Sister oh so much.

Biggest take away? Dang, those girls dress nice! Their outfits were so on point and so good looking! Okay, that wasn’t the biggest take away, but it sure was a great one! What struck me the most was how they included Mr. Feeny. He appeared very briefly at the end of the episode that could either be interpreted as a ghost, as he has passed away on the show, or that he has taken on a conscience role for Cory, though he’s still alive. That will be interesting to see moving forward, as well.

The show was a pretty good start to a Disney Channel show and I am in it for the long haul, ready to watch all the new episodes and see how it turns out. Let me know your thoughts below on the show. Until next time…Have a Magical Day!