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Star Wars Weekend – Terrific Ad


I always look forward to the marketing efforts for Star Wars Weekends each year. The conjunction of Star Wars and Disney World creates for some interesting opportunities to play with peoples preconceived notions. Take this ad for instance:

What a great ad! Of course, I love the little references scattered throughout the commercial. Watch it again and you’ll see that the wine is from Alderaan and it’s a “Pinot Greedo” variety. The earrings are from Kessel (as in the Kessel run). The restaurant is Cantina Jazz and the valet is called Lando. If you look at the cityscape behind the car, that’s Coruscant. The woman’s name is Leia according to the gift she gives the guy. The Pajamas are stormtrooper themed. The address on the house is 1138. And, of course, the dialog is from the movies. I think that dog is intentionally meant to look like the dog from Pirates of the Caribbean too (although he sounds like a Wookiee).

Did I miss anything? Star Wars Weekends starts tomorrow.

1 thought on “Star Wars Weekend – Terrific Ad”

  1. I think you got them all! The dog at the end is likely a nod Lucas’ own dog, Indiana, who was the inspiration for Chewbacca.

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