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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Official Dedication Ceremony

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Walt Disney Parks Chair Tom Staggs, Snow White, and all seven of Walt Disney’s famous dwarfs gathered on Friday to officially dedicate the newest attraction at the Magic Kingdom and the crown jewel of New Fantasyland, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

“Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is both literally and figuratively the centerpiece of New Fantasyland, so we knew it had to be something special,” Staggs said. “The attraction appeals to everyone in the family and provides just the right blend of heart, humor, and thrill while keeping with the charm of this special land.”

Here’s the short but sweet ceremony:

Alas, as Tom Staggs said, the official opening date isn’t until May 28th. Don’t go over there expecting to ride tomorrow. But I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few days they started soft openings for cast members, annual passholders, and park guests. Although nothing has been officially announced.

Based on what I saw and heard at the media preview, there are still myriad little details (and a few larger issues) that need to be fixed before the ride is ‘show ready.’ But the coaster itself is 100% ready to go from a safety and technical standpoint. Just a matter of training and a little spit and polish before it’s ready to start hosting its first guests.

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