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Pixelmania 2014 – Fan Led Disney Photography Event


I don’t know about you, but I take a lot of pictures while in the park. I tend to document every small detail I see, construction in the park, anything that looks new to me, and the fantastic quality of Disney theme park entertainment. I know, I’m obsessed. Even if you’re not as obsessed with themepark photography as I am, you might get a kick out of Pixelmania.

Pixelmania is a fan led event that takes place Oct 16-19 at the Walt Disney World Resort. This will be the sixth year Disney photography enthusiasts can get together, have fun taking pictures, learning new techniques in a relaxed environment with other like minded enthusiasts.

If this sounds interesting, you can learn more at The Magic In Pixels, which is the online community that created the event. But it is open to Disney photography fans of all stripes.