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Congratulations to Disney Animation on Frozen’s Success


Walt Disney Animation Studios has a lot to be happy about. Its latest animated feature, Frozen, is freezing out nearly all the competition with a 2nd place take of $28.8 million at the domestic weekend box office, second only to the Hobbit sequel, which squeaked out $29.9. Frozen has already taken in an impressive $243 million in its domestic release and nearly a half billion dollars worldwide (with just 44 territories (less than half of the eventual release).

12/30/2013 Update: $500 million mark has now been surpassed.

Frozen is already one of the top 7 films of the year. Frozen also has legs, now in just its 5th weekend of release, the film is still drawing at the box office, only Titanic and Avatar have performed better in their 5th week of release. With only a few other family films out there (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty just opened and Walking with Dinosaurs has not performed well), Disney might be in for a great 6th weekend too.

This puts Disney’s Frozen on a pace to possibly become one of Walt Disney Animation’s greatest hits ever. It if maintains this pace, it will be a very close battle with The Lion King for the king of the animated film box office.

Anecdotally, I was at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday for just 3 hours and I saw no less than six little girls dressed up as either Anna or Elsa. That’s a good sign the film is already entering the Disney princess lexicon and the hearts and minds of its fans

How many times have you seen Frozen at the movie theater? Do you plan on seeing it again?

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Disney Animation on Frozen’s Success”

  1. Frozen is such an amazing movie, I’m glad it’s doing so well! I’ve already seen it 3 times in theaters, and planning on seeing it at least one more time. As a 25 year old who grew up with Lion King as her all-time-favorite movie and during the Disney Renaissance I can confidently say that Frozen exudes the Disney magic of my childhood, and it’s a close second as my favorite Disney movie. My friends and fellow animation enthusiasts have not stopped talking about it this whole month! I’m very much hoping there will be an animated short like Tangled.

  2. I have watched Frozen 4 times, in French and English. I love this anime, the story, the songs, the feelings… Everytning is perfect !

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