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Forbes announced recently that a consulting firm called Reputation Institute has determined the companies with the best reputations for being socially responsible and being an overall good place to work. The firm measured the opinions of 55,000 consumers by asking them about their trust, admiration, esteem, and good feelings about major global businesses, and then further investigated how well these companies performed in the business world, studying aspects such as workplace, innovation, leadership, and citizenship.

Four companies tied for first place because their scores were so similar (Disney was joined by Microsoft, Google, and BMW), and Disney was named the best company in the “citizenship” category, meaning that it has a well-known reputation for being a good corporate citizen, supporting great causes, and helping protect the environment.

Having a great reputation not only boosts business, it also creates a lifelong bond—as most Disney fans can attest. It builds loyalty and makes me proud to say I support this company, and encourages me to continue to support it in the future. What makes you proud to be a Disney customer?


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