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Top Ten Signs You’re a Disney Family.

If you’re reading here, you probably like Disney a lot, but are you a Disney family? Is there a dusty tangle of Mickey Crocs on the floor of your hallway closet? Do you have a stack of old Key to the World cards on your desk? Have people just given up on asking where you’re taking the kids on vacation? If so, you’re probably part of a Disney family. For further clarification, see if you identify with the following statements:

10. You’ve put a six-year old in a stroller and no one even blinked.

9. You gauge the practicality of your children’s outfits by how easily they can climb in and out of rides while wearing it.

8.  You’ve tried to use a snack credit for a Slurpee.

7. Your child quotes The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World to strangers in line at the grocery store like some sort of tiny, demented Disney evangelist.

July2013WDW 397

6. Your kid doesn’t know when your birthday is or where she left her homework, but she can tell you at any time how many days left until her Disney trip.

5.  The kids call any dining reservation ADRs, as in “Mom, can we make an ADR at the Outback tonight?”

4. Matching shirts?  Not even a question. It’s a given.  And oh by the way, this year, it’s neon green. You better like it.

July2013WDW 309

3.  Your kids recite Carousel of Progress at the dinner table.  “But Papa! All these people.  I’m . . .I’m indecent!”

2.  And at least one of them is named Ariel.

And the number one sign you’re a Disney family:

1.  Your kids expect all toilets to flush automatically.

Look, the thing is if you answered “yes” to at least 7 of these questions, you’re a Disney family. You, the kids, probably the cat and definitely the dog, and that’s fine. Besides putting a dent in your wallet, there’s not much harm that can come from the occasional Disney trip and the happiness you get from it can go on for months or even longer.  So enjoy Disney. Take lots of pictures.  Wear your Mickey tie to work. But, maybe clean all those old Crocs out of the closet, okay?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Signs You’re a Disney Family.”

  1. Haha! I will now be using the phrase tiny, demented Disney evangelist! And I have a kid named Arielle! Spelled it a little different but she is definitely named after Disney!

  2. Is this geared more towards Disney World? As a lifer at Disneyland (Orange County resident here) some of this doesn’t apply I don’t think.

    1. Good point. I think it is. You have such a different fan base. More of a “family” park with generatiosn of guests going there year after year. I really like that.

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