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Terrific Dick Van Dyke Interview


I know what you’re going to be doing for at least two hours this holiday weekend. Once you start listening to this wide ranging and entertaining interview with Disney Legend Dick Van Dyke on the Kevin Pollack Chat Show you’ll clear your schedule for next two hours. It’s really that fascinating from the start. Among the stories shared are moments at Disneyland, time with Walt Disney, and so much more. I love the part where he talks about doing digital animations of himself, there’s even clip on the show.

Van Dyke lives a charmed life and the world is better for it.

3 thoughts on “Terrific Dick Van Dyke Interview”

  1. The set of ‘Mary Poppins’ always reminds of a british drama called ‘Eastenders’. Well, it is in London. lol. So of course it does. There’s a small section of my town that looks like it. The park with the benches. Whenever I felt unwell, I would watch anything with Dick Van Dyke in it, and he never fails to cheer me up. He’s just got a really carefree attitude, which more people should have, I feel. People are too tensed-up and moody these days. So it’s refreshing when you watch him. How amazingly youthful he looks for age eighty six. Wow. He’s just such a fascinating guy. He constantly jokes around, which I love, a lot. Maybe it’s just me, but I get the feeling he may live to be one hundred years old, even older than that, because you can tell his physique isn’t frail by any means. You’d never guess he was once suicidal.

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