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Why do you love EPCOT Center?


Over the last few years The Daily City has grown into one of Orlando’s real treasures. It’s as close to a hyper-local news blog as we’ve got in the town and it continues to deliver great content on a daily basis (not to mention its spin-off The Food Truck Bazaar is both fantastic and delicious and worth a visit off-property).

Yesterday The Daily City writer Ken Storey posted an interview with R.A. Pederson, the author of The EPCOT Explorer’s Encyclopedia, regarding the future of the Imagination Pavilion. The whole thing is worth reading, but I was particularly struck by this justification for why Pederson loves EPCOT.

Suppose you’re in a hole and ignorant of all the world outside it. You live, you work, you go through life. At night you look up and you see the stars and marvel at their beauty. You think, “Gee, that’s nice” and go back about communing with your worm friends and maybe make a new bureau of mud. The star is not really a star though. It’s a man in a ship in the sky looking down on your hole and the beauty of the rest of the world that surrounds it. It’s not so impossible to get from that hole to the stars, but you need to know there is a world outside the hole to get started. If there’s nothing to aspire for, why aspire at all? Epcot shows us the world and its possibilities in their full grandeur and seeks to keep us from returning to that hole alone again. It is a unique monument to humanity and mankind that needs careful curation to keep the mud of ignorant holes off it.

An excellent description of the purpose behind EPCOT Center’s original vision. We can debate how far the current iteration has strayed from that vision, but let’s profess our love of it instead. In the comments below share why you love EPCOT Center (either the current version known as ‘Epcot’ or the ideal vision behind it) and what you’d like to see from the park in the future.