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Monsters University Schools Competition at Box Office


I hope someone in Burbank is sending a big box of chocolates to Emeryville this week. Monsters University debuted number one at the box office with a take of $82 million domestic and $136.5 worldwide. That’s well above average for Pixar film openings, placing it number 4 on the all time animated feature list, lagging behind Pixar’s Toy Story 3 (which opened to $110 million in June 2010). (Shrek the 3rd and Shrek 2 complete the top 4 list.)

Pixar’s return to the world of Monstropolis in the Monsters Inc prequel even beat out the Brad Pitt led World War Z zombie apocalypse flik which scored $66 million. In other Disney box office news, Iron Man 3 continues to trundle along and has now passed $1.2 billion in world wide box office moving it into the top 5 all time for global box office sales.