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Retro Video: US Steel Builds The Contemporary


Disney’s Contemporary Resort was one of two hotels to open with the Magic Kingdom back in 1971. Disney partnered with US Steel to come up with what was seen as an innovative way of building the Contemporary with the goal of making it the resort’s flagship hotel. The rooms were assembled off-site and trucked in then installed. Contrary to popular belief, the idea was never to upgrade the rooms by replacing them with new modules. In fact, the construction of the Contemporary counted on the building to settle a bit and ‘lock’ in the rooms.

Here’s a clip from US Steel’s promotional video highlighting the construction of Disney’s Contemporary Resort:

I’ve always loved how the Monorail runs through the middle of the resort, it still seems very futuristic. The modern Contemporary complex, pictured above, has grown to include a 90,000 foot convention center, a new Disney Vacation Club Tower, and has expanded recreation offerings. It also has some of the best dining on property with the California Grill, due to return from an extended rehab this summer.

Have you ever stayed at The Contemporary or its modern additions? What advice do you have for someone looking to add a few nights there onto their next vacations?