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Trailer for Disney’s Frozen Goes for Guffaws


The first trailer for Disney’s Frozen is not what I expected at all. The movie is adapted from The Snow Queen, and instead of focusing on the Princess Anna, the Snow Queen Elsa, or even the Mountain Man Kristoff, we get a dose of interaction between Sven the reindeer and Olaf the snowman. We also don’t get to embed the trailer (as has become Disney’s habit as of late, they’re partnering with a sponsor to debut early trailers). In this case it’s the weather channel, which I think at least wins for being well themed to a movie named Frozen.

Update: I can embed the UK version of the trailer:

With wacky ‘physical’ comedy like that, it’s apparent Disney wants to communicate very early that Frozen will be appropriate for children of all ages. How well do you think they did?