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Brave’s Merida Joined Disney’s Royal Princess Court in Special Coronation

Merida's Royal Celebration

Over the weekend Merida became the 11th princess of Disney’s Royal Court and the first princess to come from a film not originating from the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Brave, of course, was a Pixar film and Merida was not just any Disney princess, but one that fought for her own independence, created special ties with her mother and family, and still managed to save the kingdom. Not too shabby, and deserving of the coronation ceremony at the Magic Kingdom.

Included in the coronation were special guests Gymnastics gold medalist Gabby Douglas and her mother Natalie Hawkins and Rosie McClelland and Sophia Grace Brownlee, TV personalities from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Also in attendance was a special group, the Disney Social Media Moms who were holding their yearly conference over the weekend.

Merida was welcomed on stage by the entire Disney Princess court, and was crowned by her mother Queen Elinor in a touching moment of love and respect that highlighted the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter. Disney did an awesome job casting both Merida and her mother for the ceremony.

There has been some controversy about Disney’s attempt to commercialize Merida. If you were expecting Disney to do anything else, you haven’t been paying attention the last 80 years. The ceremony was very tasteful, and Merida even wielded her bow and arrow for part of it.

Can you name all 11 of Disney’s Princesses?

5 thoughts on “Brave’s Merida Joined Disney’s Royal Princess Court in Special Coronation”

  1. I find it interesting that people are complaining so harshly against Merida becoming adjusted to the look of the established prototypical Disney princess, yet not once have I heard someone go to Disneyland and complain that the Merida cast members they hire tend to be stunningly beautiful.

    I’m really curious where this original complaint started because people are acting as if Merida in the movie WASN’T attractive or that a being an independent and strong woman can’t also be confident and sexy. I heard of the backlash before I actually saw side-by-side comparison photos and I just don’t get it. It’s not like they made Tiana white or decided to reverse Ariel to now have a fish head and human legs. They just made an already attractive 3D Merida into an equally attractive 2D Merida. Big deal.

  2. It sounds like you haven’t been looking at all the complaints; just the ones that support your position. Pocahontas and Mulan were made whiter.
    There is no question the cast members chosen to “help” the Princesses are very attractive. That’s not the issue.
    It’s that someone at Disney felt that Merida needed to be adjusted to fit the prototypical princess at all.
    Merida was strong and independent and confident and sexy BEFORE she was re-designed. She was also probably a size 10, even though she was about 13 years old? Disney felt the need to give her a slimmer waist and and slimmer thighs, dropping her down at least 4 dress sizes, and they gave her iconic hair a salon treatment.
    Merida spent half that movie fighting AGAINST outside pressures that wanted her to conform to a certain look and behavior. That’s what half the move was ABOUT. Merida was AGAINST people changing who they are to satisfy other people about how one should behave.
    Merida was specifically against dressing in restrictive clothes that molded you into a “perfect” shape. She was SO AGAINST it, she even cursed her mother for making her do it.
    It’s THAT kind of confidence and independence that made Merida so attractive as a person. It’s why the Director of the film is against this re-design as well, and has publicly said so. If you can’t understand that, fine. I suggest you listen to what’s going on around you; it may help you see why tens of thousands of people think this is a very big deal.

  3. @Dan

    No offense but you seem to be the one creating explanations to fulfill your personal opinion (and you also seem to be a bit out of touch with women).

    1) Merida was a Size 10? HUH?!?!?-
    – Merida was always an attractive girl, but in no way was she EVER depicted as anything but a thin and lanky girl.

    2) Princess Makeover –
    – The backlash here is ridiculous. The princesses get new/alternate redesigns all the time (and there’s thousands of Disney Store merchandise out there to back it up). So why is this time such a big deal?
    – The princesses may have been glamourized, but they aren’t unrecognizable. So all this nitpicking is silly.

    3) Pocahantas Made Whiter –
    – Pocahantas 2 was an awful movie (IMO) but it did show her get dolled up in England which included powdering her face. Sure, the point was that she felt out of place BUT it didnt mean that this FICTIONAL interpretation would never wear makeup if going to a formal affair. Makeup has been considered normal fo centuries.

    4) Mulan Made Whiter –
    – This is silly. In the movie (and in ANY depiction of ancient China) then the whole “whitening” thing is cultural. As an asian female then I think it’s silly but my mother did it and it never robbed her of being the strong and incredible woman that she inspires me to become.
    – IMO, Mulan’s makeover is offensive because it uglified her, but not because she’s whiter

    4) What exactly is the difference between “Strong and Confident Woman” vs “Bratty and Rebelious Child”?
    – Merida’s “strength and independence” is subject to interpretation because while some may claim that her rebelliousness against her mother (acted out through actually SEEKING OUT BLACK MAGIC TO CURSE HER) is one of immaturity rather than fortitude. Sure, she didn’t want to be forced to marry, but her reaction was so far over the top and she didn’t feel remorse until AFTER things went wrong.
    – I absolutely love Merida, but I’m not going to pretend that her actions are one that I could relate to or that I would encourage my children to learn from. Mistakes can be made, but it’s better if they are prevented.

    5) Praising the Merida Coronation Casting is hypocritical
    – How is it that you can claim that Merida in the film is a size 10 little girl and claim that that the updated rendering of her is disrespectful to the source material since it is inaccurate. Yet then go and praise the casting of the Merida at the Coronation. Did you see that girl? She was absolutely stunning and far from being a size 10 so I have to call you out on that hypocricy. Either you want Merida to be a frumpy teen (which she was NEVER depicted as) or you accept that when she is interpreted in other forms (2D, Parks, Live Action) then her look will be modified greatly to be more appealing.

    Now, all that being said then I love Merida which is why I’m writing so much about her. I feel that all these complainers are annoying because they seem to be ignoring the simple fact that no matter how much you change the book cover, the story within remains the same.

  4. now that they’ve added a princess that isn’t from WDAS do we think its possible to see Leia added?

  5. It’s a cartoon. They then cast a few women to portray a cartoon character in the parks. Took my son to see her in the character line and he enjoyed seeing her and getting to shoot a bow and arrow. Lighten up people, it’s for the kids.

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