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State panel reduces Disneyland’s Safety Violations and Fines

Space Mountain Disneyland

As we reported earlier, Disneyland closed three attractions voluntarily after a CAL/OSHA report that fined the resort $234,850 for violations. Space Mountain was down the longest, three weeks, but all three attractions have now reopened.

Disneyland’s voluntary actions have also saved having to pay that large fine. According to the LA Times, a settlement talk with the state reduced the violations and fines. The park now faces a fine of $82,025, although that too could be reduced, and only four violations.

Based on the record, do you feel the park has done enough for guest and cast member safety?

1 thought on “State panel reduces Disneyland’s Safety Violations and Fines”

  1. The park did WAAAAAAAAY to much, following the violations / fines from LAST NOVEMBER. Immediate closure of Space was totally unwarranted, particularly as the incident pertained to exterior maintenance work by a contractor and had nothing whatever to do with actual operational safety. Sigh.

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