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Walt and Lillian in a Photo Booth

I am in love with this set of four photos capturing Walt and Lillian acting silly together in a photo booth. We don’t get to see them acting naturally together very often. Usually one or both of them in “on stage” in some way. Here they’re just like us, which, of course they were, but they also built the foundation for this love we all share.


I believe the photo can be found in the Walt Disney Family Museum. Have I mentioned how I think Lillian Disney needs her own Window on Main Street. Let’s make that happen folks.

2 thoughts on “Walt and Lillian in a Photo Booth”

  1. This is a fantastic find, I’ve never seen these photos before. Photos of him and Lillian are always a good find, but these are special. Thanks for the share.
    There’s something about Walt making silly faces…

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