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Starbucks Moving into Market House space on Main Street USA at Disneyland

When I looked at this photo of the Market House at Disneyland I was shocked by how little has changed in this space in the last 10 years when so much of the rest of Main Street has seen upgrades. Now its time is up and Market House will expand to accommodate the much-anticipated addition of Starbucks into the park.

Alas, for fans of Disneyana, that means it will be evicted from Main Street and forced to join its spiritual twin on Main Street in the Disney Gallery, which now occupies the former space of the Bank of Main Street. That’s such a beautiful space on Main Street, I’ll be sad to see it close. But I am happy it’s not being replaced by a wall of plush.

The new, combined location will continue to showcase Disney art on a rotating basis, including your favorite concept art from Walt Disney Imagineering along with pieces from local artists. Disney also shared that the next exhibit will feature art inspired by Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer.

Disney plans to reopen Market House this fall. It will retain its theme of a turn-of-the-century general store, serve Starbucks products and a selection of specialty Disney pastries.

I will miss the free coffee refills you used to be able to get at Market House. But I’m definitely looking forward to the new choice and selection that comes with Starbucks coffee. How about you?

8 thoughts on “Starbucks Moving into Market House space on Main Street USA at Disneyland”

  1. I can’t say I’m completely excited about opening another Starbucks location. I love Starbucks coffee but I also like variety! We already have so many Starbucks location outside of Disneyland or even walk across into DCA. At least now I will be able to accumulate more Starbucks rewards points (hopefully?)

    1. The coffee is so much better than the Nescafe stuff they had been forcing down our throats. I’m willing to make that… it’s not a Starbucks location as you think of it. It’s more like a Disney themed location that serves Starbucks.

  2. Why do you need coffee and treats from Starbucks when you can get it at Jolly Holiday Bakery (formally known as Blue Ribbon)?
    On another note, doesn’t having a Starbucks on Main Street seem a little boring? I would rather see something a little more Disney. Might as well replace the Tomorrowland Terrace with a McDonald’s, or better yet, replace Pizza Port with a Domino’s. Adding a Starbucks is simply the worst decision ever. John, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but I’m a little disappointed that you agree with this move.

  3. I don’t know what this comment means:”Alas, for fans of Disneyana, that means it will be evicted from Main Street and forced to join its spiritual twin on Main Street in the Disney Gallery,”

    1. It means the two previously separate locations will occupy the same space now. They both featured Disney art, just one had stuff for sale and one was more of a museum (that also had stuff for sale, but it wasn’t the primary purpose)

  4. I agree with John, I could care less that it is Starbucks, I just want better coffee.

    I don’t think the cast members at Jolly Holliday know what they are doing. twice I have ordered specialty coffees there and both times they were awful. As for Nescafé, it is the worst, period.

    1. The Jolly Holliday barista’s need to be properly trained to make each coffee correctly. If the Starbucks coffee isn’t properly prepared, then you’ll have another awful experience as you did at Jolly Holiday Bakery….and yes, anything is better than Nescafe.

  5. The one, BIG, benefit of Jolly Holiday Bakery is its location. I was able to enjoy a pleasant morning sitting down with a coffee and muffin for myself and a hot chocolate and fruit cup for my daughter. We sat at a table and enjoyed our small meal then went further into the park after we were done. It was a great experience to sit (w/o reservations for once) and enjoy my coffee over a wonderful conversation like I’m sure many people do in their local neighborhoods sitting at their local Starbucks. This is an experience the late Blue Ribbon did not offer.

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