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Oz is Great and Powerful at the Box Office

Despite a few critical pans, Disney Oz The Great and Powerful met expectations at the box office this weekend conjuring over $80 million. It made some magic overseas as well bringing in another $70 million. That’s 15% of the way to passing a billion dollars just like Alice in Wonderland did when it opened on the same weekend in 2010.

To Disney’s advantage the upcoming weekend only has one new film, so Oz has a good chance of flying over the box office rainbow for a second weekend. I think Disney sees that as a good omen, they’ve already approved a sequel.

As I said in my review, my advice is to ignore the critics and go and see this film that delivers on the fun and the wondrous. If you’ve seen Oz The Great and Powerful, what did you think?

3 thoughts on “Oz is Great and Powerful at the Box Office”

  1. I saw it twice and loved it, and loved it. I liked the loving refercnes to the old movie, and can’t wait to see how this take on the magical land of Oz changes the story we already know.

  2. I saw it and I believe that it leaves Alice in Wonderland in diapers. I liked it, but I LOVED Oz. Period.

  3. The first third of the movie was way to slow but it improved and the ending was very good. Plot lines and characters could have been better, great special effects.
    Happy that I saw it? Yes. But as usual remakes of the classics always seem to fall a litttle short.
    I’m not sure this lives up to the hype.

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