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No Southern California Discounts at Disneyland This Season

Normally there is a little dip in the tourism levels in the late winter and early spring at the Disneyland Resort. To help keep the parks busy, they’ve offered incentives for locals to visit and spend a little of their hard earned cash on food and souvenirs. However, with the success of Cars Land and the DCA makeover, Disneyland isn’t forecasting any dip in non-local visitors. That means no special deals on admission for SoCal residents.

This move will undoubtedly disappoint many families who were counting on the discount in order to afford a visit to the park. I totally understand that. In fact, last year the park raised annual pass prices 30%. So locals might begin to feel like they’re under attack.

Instead I think this is an opportunity for families to save up a bit longer and then attend during the regular season when the park’s entertainment is in full swing and none of the attractions are closed for refurbishment.

Is the lack of a SoCal Discount at Disneyland going to impact your decision to visit the park this year?

(Via the OC Register)

2 thoughts on “No Southern California Discounts at Disneyland This Season”

  1. It is really sad as a SOCAL resident not to have the discount this year. As a student I normally go durring the random days off in the middle of the week to try and avoid crouds. Normally on those days lines are not so bad compared to weekend and summer hours. It won’t change me for my family gets 4 free tickets a year because my dad works in the press but considering that I am moving out so SOCAL this summer I am sadened to say that I will not get nearly as many trips this year due to the pricing. Also having experienced Cars land myself it was very dissapointing. I was super excited for a Test Track esq ride and I was less than thrilled with the results. We went first thing in the morning and fast passes were gone. The wait was over three hours and this was in early November. No matter what happens there will still be the same drop in tourism as there always in but Disney seems to think not.

  2. It is really sad, that you are taking away this discount. The way family’s are srtuggling in this economy. Its hard enough for a family to get away and enjoy themselves. Taking away the discount means so many people wont be able to take their children. I thought this was”The Happiest Place on Earth”, not with your outrageous prices and taking away the discount. It seems you should be doing more to lower prices to get more families to come. Just a thought.

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