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3D Disneyland Paris Flyover Courtesy Google Earth

Quick question. Does anyone still use Google Earth for anything other than school lessons?

Short of augmented or virtual reality, which are still not quite ready for primetime, I can’t think of any practical application. But I can appreciate the beauty of the technology. There are few places more beautiful on Earth than Disneyland Paris, so it’s no surprise that the computer animation 3D fly-overs of the resort are worth watching.

Here’s a little travel video made using Google Earth

You have to visit Youtube to watch the whole playlist of videos from 2009 since the agency that did the modeling disabled embedding. But I enjoyed them and thought you might too.

Discover more about Google Earth and Disneyland Paris on their website.

1 thought on “3D Disneyland Paris Flyover Courtesy Google Earth”

  1. For architects, Google Earth has been nothing short of a bona fide godsend. If a site I’m working on is 2 hours away and I need a quick measurement of the site’s diagonal, or what a view of buildings across the street look like, I can find that out with the push of a button. Although having the entire world modeled and rendered like Disneyland Paris would certainly be helpful.

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