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Restaurant Review: T-REX at Downtown Disney

While in Downtown Disney Orlando this past summer we could not resist the urge to pay a visit to the T-REX Restaurant and Shop. As we walked in we were greeted by the coolness in the air which we welcomed since it was so very hot outside. The first thing we noticed was this enormous and almost life like T-Rex towering over us. To the right a place to shop for all your Prehistoric needs and to the left was the restaurant a.k.a archaeological dig site filled with small, large and extra large animatronic and audio-animatronic creatures.

We were seated right away and attended to almost instantly. Trying to take in our surroundings time seemed to just escape us. We looked over the menus and although there were plenty of choices I was not overwhelmed by them. There is something in the menu for everybody from Spare ribs, Chicken and Pasta to Burgers and Seafood. For the future little paleontologist in your group there is a kids menu of course, it includes various choices like Pizza, Pasta, Sliders, Popcorn shrimp and even Dinosaur shaped chicken.

The food took an unusually long time to get to our table and at first we didn’t even notice since we were so busy exploring and taking pictures. Plus there is a magnificent meteor shower that takes places every 20 minutes. The visual feast we were enjoying did not prepare us for what was to come. Once the food arrived I was shocked to see the massive portions. I ordered the Mega Mess-O-Bones from the Carnivore section of the menu. They are St. Louis style pork spareribs in BBQ sauce and your choice of side. My husband ordered the Jurassic Shrimp Skewers consisting of grilled shrimp with red bell peppers, zucchini and onions served over Raptor rice with mango fruit salsa and lemon butter sauce. I’m not a seafood fan but his dish looked delicious! Our little one decided on the Cheese pizza and she loved it.

We loved our food, it was scrumptious. The presentation was spot on the theme it all just went together and it made our experience that much better. Besides all the delicious food the menu also contains some delicious treats, we opted for the Chocolate Extinction. It was a deliciously huge chocolate fudge cake served with ice cream, fudge and Butterfinger crumbs! Enough said.

We loved it here and to be honest I was surprised. I was expecting to have a great time but I did not think the food was going to be anything special. Considering the size of the restaurant, the portions and the number of people coming in, I thought the food quality would suffer for the sake of speed and quantity. Happy to say this was not the case. The price per dish is on the expensive side and can add up especially if you are with a larger group. The price is on point and what I expected to pay considering the quality of the meals. We viewed the experience as a bonus as opposed to other places where you might feel you are paying more for the experience than the food.

I would definitely recommend anyone to visit T-REX at least once. Don’t let the price discourage you from coming, there are meal plans you can sign up for , share a plate since the portions allow for it and you definitely do not have to opt out some of the upgrades to cut down on cost.

1 thought on “Restaurant Review: T-REX at Downtown Disney”

  1. I surprised you did not go more into describing the place itself. The restaurant is split into 5 or 6 themed room.
    Ice Age, Volcanic, under the sea, and jungle are a few of the themed rooms I saw. Everytime the meteor show hits all the animals react regardless of the room. When we went we were in the ice age room. It was like we were in a huge glacier with blue light and a dino fossils all over the place. Also the building itself is very cool made to look like a mountain top with a huge bone dinosaur curled around it.

    Its funny that its owned by the same company that owns rainforest cafe and there is a rainforest cafe at that downtown disney as well.

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