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Disney Announces Four New Classics Coming to Blu-Ray in March

New Blu-ray DVDs from Disney
On March 12th, Disney will release the following titles on Blu-ray for the first time! Pre-order them today for some great savings.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: 25th Anniversary Edition
Mulan & Mulan II: 15th Anniversary Edition – 2 Movie Collection
The Hunchback of Notre Dame & The Hunchback of Notre Dame II – 2 Movie Collection
Brother Bear & Brother Bear 2 – 2 Movie Collection

There is a growing base of Blu-ray DVD households, for which Walt Disney Studios is growing Blu-ray library. Each film selected for release has been fully digitally remastered, with dirt and anomalies cleaned to a pristine level, offering viewers optimum high definition picture and sound quality of some of their favorite films.

“We receive many requests and comments from consumers seeking specific titles they’d like to own on Blu-ray and, as such, we carefully selected a number of popular films that will satisfy demand from fans worldwide,” said Lori MacPherson, Executive Vice President, Product Management, The Walt Disney Studios. “As we grow our Blu-ray catalog we will continue to utilize the best technologies to provide the most pristine and immersive in-home experience of our films.”

Are you a Blu-ray owner? Or are you just acquiring them knowing you will want them on Blu-ray when you can finally afford to upgrade and don’t want them to go back into the vault first (that’s my situation).

2 thoughts on “Disney Announces Four New Classics Coming to Blu-Ray in March”

  1. We have a PS3 (which plays Blurays). I love the high-def picture. It really is that much better than a traditional dvd. I’m not collecting the Disney Blurays, like I did the vhf tapes. I have 3 boys, so we gravitate towards the boy movies – cars, cars2, toy story 3, etc. Roger Rabbit interests me, I may grab that when it hits shelves.

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