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Holiday Gift Guide: Parks & Resorts

Third time’s the charm…am I right?! This gift guide, we are going to the parks. Get ready for collectibles, home goods, and an all around Mickey-tastic selection of presents!


1) Kitchen Kabaret Vinylmation Set- As you know, this year is EPCOT’s 30th anniversary this year, so the level of reminiscing is at its highest. One of the most beloved attractions in the park’s history is Kitchen Kabaret (later replaced by Food Rocks, and then Soarin’). This awesomely designed set of vinyls is a great idea for that Epcot fan in your life. Also, at the moment…it is at a HEAVY discount on the Disney Store online…which you purchase through this link, not only do you get it at a discount…but you help the site out too!

2) Disney H2O Shampoo- When I go to Disney Hotels, I am always super excited for the¬†toiletries! The Disney H20 products are some of the best hotel-given products, and once I found out you could purchase them…I was¬†ecstatic! Best part? The wonderful orange scent! You can also purchase these at our Disney Store link.

3) Classic Disneyland Logo iPhone Case- This might be my favorite gift guide choice I have made. I AM ADDICTED TO THIS CASE! I have always loved the classic logo, and the collage look of this case makes it all the more better. If you know a Disney lover who has an iPhone…GET THEM THIS CASE…maybe by using our Disney Store link!

4) Mickey Bamboo Mixing Bowl- I have decided that when I am older, I WILL have a Disney kitchen. For the longest time, I was set on getting the blue and white Mickey products, but these new bamboo products are fantastic. The deep red color paired with the bamboo grain is a fantastic design, so a huge thumbs up to the merchandise team! You can get this for the chef in your life by heading over to the Disney Store…by using our link.

5) Mickey Bird Bath- Being an EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival regular, I have seen many Disney bird baths, but this one was new to me. A really neat swirly motif is throughout which is a great addition to any Disney fan’s garden. All I am going to say is link

Toys For Tots) Duffy- I really can’t say much that has already been said. I love Duffy, some might not, but Kid+Teddy Bears=Happiness. AND……link.

That just about does it. Are you hoping to receive anything from this guide? Will you be giving anything from this guide? Are you a Duffy lover like me? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time…Happy Holidays and Have a Magical Day!