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Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm

In a major announcement today, the Walt Disney Company announced it would acquire Lucasfilm. The rumors of this acquisition had been percolating to the surface over the last few days. More details soon, but here’s the press release to get starred.

As if that big news wasn’t enough, they also announced a release date for Star Wars episode 7.

What do you think of this move by Disney CEO Bob Iger?

4 thoughts on “Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm”

  1. Ok.. is it me or the fact that a couples of days ago we saw the plan for a new land in animal kingdom. The fact that it didn’t seem to go all that well for the Avatar Land. And now, they buy Lucas shortly after.

    You could replace an alien Land for another alien land without much problem….

  2. Disney now owns the Muppets, Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm. Now, the question is why hasn’t Disney given some thought about acquiring Ruby-Spears Productions? Disney already owns the rights to R-S’ Laser Tag Academy, Piggsburg Pigs and Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, why not also buy the rights to Mega Man and Skysurfer Strikeforce, basically, all of the post-1990 Ruby-Spears library. Archrival Warner Bros. owns most of R-S’ programming library, while Disney owns a small fraction of it. Think about it, if Disney were to buy Ruby-Spears Productions, the first thing of their acquisition that goes into production would be some of Jack Kirby’s old concepts intended for R-S, now legally owned by Disney. On top of that, Ruby-Spears would also be providing more animation and some live-action ideas to Disney’s family of networks. Acquiring Ruby-Spears Productions is definitely something Disney should consider looking in to.

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