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New Extended Lincoln Trailer

Lincoln movie poster

If you were too drunk from the Presidential Debate drinking game or not watching one of the three main networks last night, then chances are you missed the new extended trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. It starts off with the words of Abraham Lincoln in voice over and photos of current events where his message still applies, but soon you get back to Lincoln’s time and the powerful acting job of Daniel Day-Lewis as the President.

Lincoln is produced by DreamWorks SKG, but will be distributed by Disney, hence its inclusion here. I also think that Walt Disney himself would be immensely proud to have his company involved with an important film like this one will obviously be.

1 thought on “New Extended Lincoln Trailer”

  1. I cannot wait to see this. Just read Killing Lincoln…couldn’t put it down! We don’t have any Lincoln’s today. He was a strong president and took a strong, unpopular stand. I hope they portray him truthfully.

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