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New Princess Fairytale Hall Concept Art

Princes Fairytale Hall

In our last Magic Kingdom photo update, we mentioned how we snuck a peek at the construction going on in the old Snow White’s Scary Adventures show building. They’re already building out the little nooks you see in this new concept art released by Disney.

Princess Fairytale Hall will be the new home for visiting royalty in the Magic Kingdom. It will feature walls of stone and stained glass windows, a spacious gallery adorned with portraits of Disney princesses and elegantly finished rooms where guests can meet Aurora, Cinderella and other princesses. Set to open in 2013, Princess Fairytale Hall will be located in the Castle Courtyard in the center of Fantasyland. (Artwork courtesy Disney)

1 thought on “New Princess Fairytale Hall Concept Art”

  1. An 18th century princess from France, a princess from 1920’s New Orleans, a 14th century medieval princess, and a war heroine from ancient imperial China, all hanging out together in the former quarters of an original dark ride. Seems legit.

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