Pixar Sequels and Why Fans Need to Calm Down

Recently some rumors (though some sources are calling it fact, but you can never tell with Pixar) came out stating that Finding Nemo 2 was being made under Andrew Stanton’s direction and that Toy Story 4 was in the works as well. After these two stories broke, Twitter was a buzz. The non-Pixar/Disney die-hard fans were super excited to see their childhood come back to the big screen, starting with Monsters University next year. Everyone else…not so happy. Multiple fans came out and bashed Pixar saying how they are falling into a gutter of un-original ideas and creating sequels that aren’t needed. I even saw a straight forward tweet stating “PIXAR!!! STOP MAKING SEQUELS!!!”

Now, I am a Pixar fan. I see the movies opening weekend after months of anticipation, I thoroughly enjoy their attractions in the theme parks, I buy their merchandise (most recently, the awesomely awesome La Luna plush and signed picture book combo) and enjoy most everything they do. But, unlike others, I am not afraid to be insult one of their films, Cars 2 for example. It was a giant step in the wrong direction for that franchise. Luckily, Carsland filled the Sally-shaped hole in my heart…but that is beside the point. I LOVED Brave…I saw it 4 times. I realize it wasn’t their best, but something about it I loved. But that fact that people are saying “Pixar needs to stop making sequels” is, in my eyes, an odd comment.

A lot of people are against sequels not just for Pixar, but for all studios, because it comes off as they just want money and they can’t come up with original ideas. Disney fans seem to hate sequels even more because Walt Disney was quoted in the past with “You can’t top pigs with pigs”, a response to the question of if The Three Little Pigs would receive a sequel. What people need to realize though, Walt created MANY sequels. No, they weren’t for animated films, but they were sequels none the less. Son of Flubber and Davy Crockett and the River Pirates are just a couple of the sequels that he created. Again, though money was a part of it, he still ok’ed these to be created…and if you get Walt’s approval, you have to assume that he believed it was a good move.

Toy Story 2 came out in 1999 to rave reviews. For more than a decade, no other sequel came out. 2010 saw the return of the Pixar sequel with  Toy Story 3, which garnered the largest animated worldwide gross ever and the Best Animated Feature Oscar. Cars 2 came a year later to a resounding thud. Not the best box office, but still good, terrible reviews and no Oscar nominations, a first for Pixar. In 2013, Monsters Inc’s prequel, Monsters University is released. The fact that people are saying that Pixar sequels are a bad idea does not make sense to me. Of the 3 sequels released, 2 of them we amazing, and in some eyes…better than the original. The last one, yes was bad, but they have a 2 out of 3 record. Now, if Monsters University had been released already and that was a bad movie, I can understand the criticism…but NO ONE HAS SEEN IT! Now, Brave was not up to Pixar standards (for some) as well, and has received some flack. But if you are saying that Pixar shouldn’t make sequels based on Cars 2 being a disappointment, then you should be making the case that Pixar shouldn’t be making movies at all since the past two were disappointing.

Another factor is that people just believe they are making it for the money…umm…duh. That is what ALL movie studios do. If a film is successful, they will make a sequel. That was a key reason Cars 2 was created and the biggest reason why Toy Story 2 was created. Disney was even planning a sequel to Toy Story if Pixar wouldn’t do one. People also believe that Finding Nemo ended in such a way where a sequel wasn’t needed, Nemo was found, so what can they do for a sequel. The same can be said for 3/4ths of movies made with sequels, including all 3 Toy Story films… and again, those turned out to be incredible.

Pixar’s upcoming slate includes Monsters University next year, The Good Dinosaur in 2014, then a film taking you inside the human mind, a film about Dia De Los Muertos, and finally, according to reports, Finding Nemo 2. So, not only do people need to stop saying that Pixar needs to stop doing sequels, but they need to calm down about “They never doing anything new.” Brave was new and three brand new concepts are coming soon.

I realize I am ranting and coming off as an annoying Pixar/Disney fanboy, but I just hate when people say things and don’t think about how they were proved wrong multiple times beforehand. My favorite part though? All the people that make these statements will go see the movie anyway, so it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Would you go see Toy Story 4 or Finding Nemo 2? Do you feel strongly against Pixar sequels or any other decisions that Pixar has made recently? How much of an idiot did I come off as in this post? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…Have a Magical Day.


24 thoughts on “Pixar Sequels and Why Fans Need to Calm Down”

  1. “DisneyToon Studios had created OODLES of sequels, mostly direct-to-DVD, but some even heading into theaters (Peter Pan and The Jungle Book both received sequels on the big screen).”

    Case closed.



  2. I think The Incredibles needs a sequel. I would see anything they do, though. I don’t think Cars 2 was awful, but it wasn’t my favorite. I trust them wholeheartedly. Don’t act like Disney never made a bad movie. (Mars Needs Moms anyone?)

  3. Some movies are great, some are good, and some are bad. And they don’t necessarily have to be sequels…..that is just the nature of movies. I LOVE Disney and Pixar movies, and I like when they make sequels of movies that I enjoy. I hope that Disney will keep making sequels AND new original films. And when they come out with “Monsters – The New Generation” and “Toy Story 43,” I will be there in the audience enjoying them, and I will enjoy all the other movies they make in between!

    However, if you want to talk about bad movie REMAKES…..don’t get me started….

  4. I LOVED Cars 2! The original was great, but cars 2 had so much heart. It was more than just a buddy comedy. It was about the transformation of Mater. I loved all the new characters. Also I’m 30 not 12. Bugs life is still way up there (no I’m not a hipster!) I hated wall•e but really enjoyed toy story 3! I feel like there is a nice trilogy with toy story. The circle has been completed. Im really excited about monster university. Im willing to give nemo 2 a shot. Back to the future 2, empire strikes back, and the dark knight ALL give me a reason to hope it will be great!

    1. Agree with your A Bug’s Life thoughts, never understood the hate for the film…I love it!

  5. I don’t mind sequels. Even Cars 2, which I didn’t care for, was not horrible. Disney had, at one time, a terrible way with sequels (and the straight to DVD crap). Pixar sequels have, for the most part, been very good.

  6. “DisneyToon Studios had created OODLES of sequels, mostly direct-to-DVD, but some even heading into theaters (Peter Pan and The Jungle Book both received sequels on the big screen). I know they are not all Pixar-quality, but you still get my drift.”

    This is a BAAAAAAAAAADD argument.

    1. Now that I have read it back, I completely agree with what you are saying. Those sequels were not held to a certain standard (Though still beloved by some, just look at tumblr…Little Mermaid 2 is crazy popular!). I have removed the paragraph for that reason.

  7. Although pixar are creating sequels they are creating new ideas at the same time. It took 5 years for each toy story sequel they weren’t waiting like 1 year, the waited. So I think they should create sequels.

    1. Agreed. I am more of a fan of waiting a lengthy amount of time between sequels, so when they are released, so viewers have that reminiscing feeling.

  8. I agree. Fans of both Pixar and Disney should stop bashing Pixar for wanting to make sequels. For every sequel they have made, they have made two now amazing films. Let that sink in for a moment.

    Please stop bashing Pixar. I would do the same thing if I had some completely solid characters that had stories hadn’t been told on the big screen yet.

  9. I don’t hate the idea of Pixar making (some) sequels, but they only put out one movie per year or so, and I’d always prefer see something new in that slot. What I love about Pixar movies is how they introduce us to new characters and immerse us in new worlds, and that thrill, to me, surpasses the safe pleasure of revisiting old familiar ones. It’s hard to get past the idea that these sequels are just delaying that brand-new experience for a year or more, hence the frustration.

  10. I don’t think Cars 2 was made because the original movie was a success. It was made because the original merchandising made them truck loads of cash.

  11. Finding Nemo 2 isn’t necessarily a bad idea. The first one was exceptional and doesn’t NEED a sequel but it is certainly open for one. I have no idea how they could manage to bring back the beloved characters in a non-contrived way but I’d be willing to let Pixar roll with it and see what happens.

    Toy Story 4, on the other hand, is incredibly unnecessary. I’ve gone on record as calling TS3 the most perfect conclusion to a trilogy ever made and I see no reason why they should (pardon the pun) toy with it. I would love to see those characters again but I just don’t see where they could go with it that will be remotely as satisfying emotionally as Andy playing with his toys one last time before going off to college. I still get teary TYPING that sentence.

    I think people are just overreacting because Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and Monsters University all hit in a very short time-span and now they’re hearing about two more sequels without realizing that there are 3/4 movies coming out in the meantime. This will die down as it plays out.

  12. I have seen all the movies made by Pixar, except Brave as it hasn’t been released where I live. I have a four year old son, and I have seen a handful of Pixar movies with him (DVDs). The first movie he ever saw in a cinema was “Cars 2”. Whenever we finish watching (or re-watching) a Pixar movie, he wants to know when we can see another story with the characters from said movie. It’s disheartening to tell him that there is no more, most of the time. He’s looking forward to “Monsters University” and the sequel to Nemo too. I don’t mind that Pixar makes sequels; they are better than most other people’s sequels, animated or otherwise. And kids, they love anything by Pixar.

  13. I only dislike the Direct to Video sequels. If there is a story there and it is worth making a sequel then make it with quality and release it in theaters.

  14. Jac @ Challenged & Running in the Bike Lane

    I loved Toy Story 3. I cried my eyes out each and every time I saw it (I think 4x in the theater). Toy Story came out when my son was a young boy. 10 years later, when his sister was born, it was her favorite movie. Both of my kids loved Toy Story. In Toy Story 3, Andy goes away to college and that was right in line for my son – he was getting ready to go to college. Love, love, love Toy Story 3! Bring on the sequels, Pixar. Some of us out here love ’em!

  15. I think that the best bet for the Toy Story characters at this point are the Toy Story Toon shorts. We get to see our favorite characters again, but we don’t have to continue to drag the storyline out into unnecessary movies.

  16. The difference between Toy Story sequels and Nemo/Monsters/Cars is that people actually wanted to see more adventures of Woody, Buzz and the gang.

    So while I’m not completely against sequels, the reason why the Cars/Monsters/Nemo sequels bugs me is that this is time and effort spent on NOT creating something new. If they’re saying they will do an Incredibles sequel then most of us will do handstands all the way home, but if its a sequel just because the original made money then it’s disappointing.

  17. I’m cautious when it comes to sequels. Some are great because I love the characters and like revisiting them. And some bomb because they just retell the same story all over again. While Cars 2 isn’t on my list of favorite Pixar films, both Toy Story 2 and 3 surpass the original on my list. So sequels can be done well – they just usually aren’t. Which is why they have a bad reputation and get the flack they do.

    Having said all that, I really, really, really, really don’t want to see a TS4. Love the characters, but the conclusion of the last one really felt like such a great story ender. I’m quite happy to let those characters play off into the sunset. Will I see it? Absolutely. But I don’t know if they can really justify it story wise.

  18. Valid points…

    However, Pixar has bragged repeatedly about their “story story story” -comes-first-mentality, and have claimed to be the leader in animation. Both Lasseter and Ed Catmull can’t seem to shut up about their studio’s wonderful winning formula. Such claims of originality need to be backed up with evidence. I’m sorry, but all these upcoming sequels prove Pixar to be very hypocritical.

    The problem here is that nobody wants to say anything against the mighty Pixar, and it is more comfortable to act like agreeing sheep.

  19. “Another factor is that people just believe they are making it for the money…umm…duh. That is what ALL movie studios do. If a film is successful, they will make a sequel.”

    This is an argument I’ve heard many times that is deeply flawed. Making money is the reason corporations invest in movies. It may even be the only reason some people make movies. Surely, making money is one of the goals of nearly all filmmakers.

    However it never used to be the ONLY goal of Pixar. This was a studio that was created by and for artists to create films that were story-driven works of art. This was a studio that was created for storytellers to develop and perfect the stories they wanted to tell. Sure, they all want to make money, but they want to make money creating something they love.

    Cars 2 was not made for this reason. Cars 2 was the first Pixar movie that was created with making money as the driving force, and a half-hearted attempt at making an enjoyable film took a back seat to pushing merchandise. This is exactly what many Pixar fans feared could happen when Disney bought the company. Yes, it was only one film, but it was such a drastic departure from the values of the Pixar that created everything that came before that it’s going to sting for a while, and cast serious doubt on the motivations behind any forthcoming sequels.

    Additionally, animated films take an enormous amount of time, talent, and resources, even for big successful studios like Disney and Pixar. For every sequel we get, that’s time, talent, and resources that are not spent on something new. For every sequel Pixar makes, that’s another new world they are not creating. Yes, I enjoyed the Toy Story sequels, and may yet enjoy Monsters U, but I would gladly trade those movies for new ideas, new worlds, and new movies from Pixar.

  20. Thanks for the reality check; a lot of what you said was true. But I don’t agree with the bit about making movies just for the money. I’ve always seen Pixar as a studio that promotes creativity and innovation, not financial profit. They’ve said themselves, they don’t make a movie because they think it will make money; they do it because they see a good idea and they can’t help but make it. I just hope that the sequels/prequels coming out of the gate we made for the latter reason and not the former.

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