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Magic Kingdom Update – We’re getting closer

With Cars Land at DCA now open, all eyes turn toward the Magic Kingdom and the Fantasyland Expansion which will be the next big project from Walt Disney Imagineering to open. Behind the walls, sections near Storytime with Belle look practically ready to open right now. But in the rest of the Fairytale Forest section there is still much work to be done, including a lot of paving and brick work. The Little Mermaid ride itself has been done for some time, there was just no queue or pathway to get the guests into the building.

As usual, we have a full album over at Google Plus. Just click on the first picture to open the slideshow and see the captions.

Also, if you missed it, be sure to check out the recent changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean queue. Apparently this is in preparation to add Fast Pass to the ride once Fast Pass Plus (the RFID Next-Gen experience they tested) returns. Now, I remember when they added Fast Pass to the Pirates ride in Disneyland. It was a huge debacle with extremely long standby waits and issues with queue management. Turns out on a ride with a huge capacity (like Pirates or Haunted Mansion), Fast Pass actually lowers guest satisfaction by so much any benefits of Fast pass at that ride are worthless. We’ll see if interactive elements on the standby side make a difference this time.