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Kermit and Pepe The King Prawn Visit The London Eye

Although I thought the movie itself was nearly unwatchable, I’ve enjoyed nearly other element about the latest Muppet revival. One of the strengths of the recent movie release was the viral marketing. That trend has continued as Disney prepared to release the DVD to UK audiences. Here’s a hilarious video from Kermit and Pepe The King Prawn on The London Eye.

All the need now is a TV show with the same level of humor … who’s with me?

Update: Pepe also took questions from Twitter and recorded a series of video answers. Head below the cut to get started:

2 thoughts on “Kermit and Pepe The King Prawn Visit The London Eye”

  1. A TV show would be a great idea, what with many people becoming television stars who have yet to appear as guest stars.
    On the other hand, the majority of celebrities are commonly known for starring in many PG-13 and R-rated films, which is scary to me because if younger children discovered them on television and found out about their actual work, they might think one would have to, you know, be raunchy in order to become a famous actor. No actor in the Golden Age of Hollywood was obligated by law to do something like that!
    I’m just saying, America’s running low on good role models with common sense.
    In closing, I think the best guest stars would include singers and bands respected by an all-age audience.

  2. Oh, by the way, does anyone remember the outfit Pepe used to wear in Muppets Tonight? I think it was a green shirt with a blue overshirt. Whatever happened to it?

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