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New Spoof Trailer for Pixar’s Brave – Witch’s Mystery Brew

Disney marketing made quite a few viral splashes with their parody trailers for The Muppets (I’d rather watch a few of those instead of the movie itself). That said, they don’t appear to be hitting quite the right note with the parody trailer attempts for Brave (as evidenced by the lack of any really crossing over to non-Disney fan websites). But that doesn’t mean they’re not trying.

The latest attempt is this spoof of late night TV commercials that promise you everything if you just use their product. What Princess from the Scottish Highlands could resist that pitch?

Just be warned, this trailer gives away major plot elements not yet seen in trailers and provides the first good glimpse of the ‘witch’ (who seems to be a direct homage to Master Hayao Miyazaki’s films).

Brave opens in theaters on June 22nd.