runDisney Commemorative Necklace is Fun Memorabilia

One of the newest memorabilia developments to come from runDisney has been the commemorative necklace. For those wondering how these new collectibles came to be, they were first offered for the inaugural Tinkerbell Half-Marathon this past year at Disneyland in January, then again for the Princess Half-Marathon held at Walt Disney World in late February.

(picture used with permission of Megan Sullivan)

The necklaces must have been a hit, because now it seems every runDisney race in the future will be offering them right along with the commemorative pins. The latest commemorative necklace design was released by runDisney on May 29th on their Facebook page. The necklaces cost about $20 and can be purchased in advance via the runDisney website, or will be available at the runner’s expo before the race while supplies last.

I know I’m looking forward to starting my collection of these! What do you think? Are the necklaces just another collectible or will they make a nice addition to your medal rack?

1 thought on “runDisney Commemorative Necklace is Fun Memorabilia

  1. I never ordered them because I’ve heard from countless people that they’re very cheap and fall apart and break very quickly. I think I’ll stick to the necklace that made the race worth it…the bling! :)

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