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Book Review: Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris

bookSo you want to take a trip to Disneyland Paris. Perhaps you’re a local to one of Disney’s statside parks or perhaps you’re just not the type to over plan. What are the basics you need to understand in order to have a successful trip to what is known as the most beautiful of all the Disneyland parks (although I hear Shanghai Disneyland will give it a run for its money).

Kevin Yee, expert Disney author, has heard your cry and responded with a very affordable answer. Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris is a kindle book prepared by Yee that will get you to and from Disneyland Resort with a basic understanding of what to expect.

Kevin believes that there are some things about a theme park that are better left to discovery by the traveler. When a guidebook gives those moments away, you’re not getting the full value of your Disney vacation. Instead he provides just the advice needed to grasp the principles, concepts, and wisdom you’ll need to make your own on-the-spot decisions and adjustments.

It is admittedly a thin book, but very affordable, and it delivers on what it promises. Pick up Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris for your Kindle on Amazon today. Don’t own a Kindle you can install Kindle software, but Kevin also tells me that a print version will be coming, just that there’s no date set yet.