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Disappointing Blu-ray Treatment for ‘Father of the Bride’

Say what you will: For years, I have consistently ranked 1991’s Father of the Bride and its sequel, 1995’s Father of the Bride-Part II, as two of my favorite films of all time.

These movies are singularly responsible for making me a fan of Steve Martin.

Mostly it’s because I can relate to the impatience, overreactions, and aversion to change of his character, George Banks. (I am not, however, a cheap man.) Or else, I’m just a really sentimental guy, in which case I hope no one is reading this.

But this post isn’t about the movies themselves—the first turned twenty this past December—but about their release on Blu-ray Disc, which I’ve been waiting for since the day I brought my Blu-ray player home from the Sony store.

And that is a totally different story.

Although, like any title, both parts benefit from the 1080p presentation, I found the picture on my review copy to be unpleasantly grainy throughout, and not up to what I’ve come to expect from Disney Blu-ray releases. (The double feature is being released through the Touchstone Home Entertainment label.)

I’m no expert—perhaps some of issues lie with the original film source—but it’s easy to suspect that the use of a raw digital transfer, dating from a previous DVD release, is to blame. Bonus features are also basically non-existent for a “20th Anniversary Edition”.

Clearly, I was expecting a much better quality treatment. Disney should get to work restoring the films for an eventual re-release. Timed to the 25th anniversary, of course.

Father of the Bride & Father of the Bride–Part II arrive together on Blu-ray on Tuesday, May 15.

2 thoughts on “Disappointing Blu-ray Treatment for ‘Father of the Bride’”

  1. This isn’t shocking…Disney gave The Rocketeer a 20th anniversary release on blu that was barebones, but with a good transfer. Really wish they had actually let the anniversary seem like something to be celebrated. It honestly just feels like a cheap cash grab, sadly. :/

  2. Any idea how to contact them and complain about the quality of this product? I am a big fan of these two movies and have the dvd editions from a few years ago but wanted them on blu-ray so much I didn’t even bother waiting for reviews. Now I did get them for 17.99 on Amazon but the red color issues makes me want to complain. I did go on the disney site but didn’t find a direct link for emailing them about this.

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