Brave merchandiseJust last week, introduced 18 Brave related products. This afternoon, I was passing by a Disney Store in San Francisco, so I wandered in, and I was delighted to find a wall of Brave merchandise. A manager approached me to talk about the merchandise (probably because I was taking a ton of photos!) He informed me that the wall had been up for a few days, but had sold out almost immediately. (The wall was just refilled yesterday.) He told me that the same thing happened when Tangled merchandise was added to this location: It sold out when it was first introduced, and again right after the movie came out.

Shortly after, another man came up and started looking at all the items, and it turns out he works at Pixar! He and the store manager spoke a little about the movie, and the man said he was “very pleased” with how it turned out. (We’ll all have to wait just a little longer to judge ourselves – catch the latest trailer if you haven’t already.)

Below are more photos of a sample of the merchandise available:

Will you be buying any Brave related merchandise?



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