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Imagineering Shares Minotaur Detail from Be Our Guest Restaurant

Those Imagineers are such teases. We know there will be a lot of amazing details in the new Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant “Be Our Guest.” This monster, apparently a mythological beast known as a minotaur, will be a part of the decor in the restaurant.

There will be two of these in the restaurant. What do you think? Is this a good sign that the Imagineers are being given enough budget to make some real magic?

2 thoughts on “Imagineering Shares Minotaur Detail from Be Our Guest Restaurant”

  1. It would seem so! I’m interested to see how effective/realistic this night time mural of the french mountains is going to look behind the windows of the restaurant. Such a shame though that it’s in America and I’m in UK (gggrrr!) One day I will hopefully make it to the world!

  2. When is be our guest going to open, when can we make reservations?

    When is beauty n the beast n little mermaid opening

    We r going back in january n want all of it !!!

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