My family and I visited the Disneyland Resort this past weekend and the crowds were study, but not overwhelming (relatively speaking, I mean it was pretty busy). There are some new t-shirts that I’ll feature in a later post, and the construction at DCA and Downtown Disney is coming along swimmingly.

In Disneyland the construction is mainly along Main Street and around the Matterhorn. The Jolly Holiday is open for business — and business is good (so is the food). Here is the front of Jolly Holiday (note the weather vane):

The inside of Jolly Holiday is quaint but efficient, not unlike the British. However, when we were there not all of the cashiers were open and when the line split to the left or the right we took the wrong direction, which gave us one cashier versus the three available had we gone the other way. My point? Choose wisely.  Here is some of the inside decor:

The food was very good and fairly affordable. Our family of four ate for $36 (two Jolly Holiday combos, pictured below, and two kid meals). The tomato basil soup was the perfect thing for a cool, overcast day. Also perfect for grilled cheese dipping:

Speaking of the Matterhorn:

At this point the Matterhorn is a lot less snowy than it was before construction started. I’m not sure if this is how the paint will stay or if more white will be added. I must say, I kind of like it like this. What do you think?

Added bonus! While standing at the Matterhorn churro cart I was literally hit in the head by a duck. No, not Donald — this guy:

And the crowd yelled, “Duck!”

We laughed for a while after that.


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