Disney World T-Shirt Round Up

The Fan Boy Favorite Dole Whip Shirt.

The team behind making new t-shirts for the Walt Disney World Resort has really been on the ball lately. A huge variety of new designs have been coming out over the winter, some flying off the shelves so fast you have to remember the Disney shopping mantra, “if you like it – buy it. It may not be there tomorrow.”

Here are a few of the t-shirts that caught my eye over the last few weeks.

I have another big merchandise update coming tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Disney World T-Shirt Round Up”

  1. We didn’t see Dole Whip at WDW–it’s on our short list of DLR vs. WDW where DLR wins! And also, the Disney mantra should be “Everything needs more STITCH!!!”

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  8. Everything needs more Stitch, indeed!

    That said, glad to see P&F getting some t-shirt love.

    So are these _only_ available at the parks? And are there mugs with these designs, too?

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